MG游戏app在这里兑现已被全年努力为我们带来了2019 - 2020年鉴。我采访的MG游戏app的“EIC”苏菲金(主编)。 

     苏菲解释她的角色给我。 “我是去年回国的唯一的人,所以,我教其他的孩子如何使用贝尔福。作为主编是,即使它是有压力的最终收获。这是新的东西开始。作为编辑注意到责任,我是一个大策划者。我计划了最后期限,利差和我忽略协助工作人员的想法。我是女士。克里斯托弗的左膀右臂,我们一起工作作为一个团队“。 

     I went on to ask Sophie what her favorite memory from this school year’s yearbook journey was. “My favorite memory was during the first weeks of school. Mrs. Christopher & I started planning out the cover, fonts, and details of the yearbook. During this time, I was getting to know the new advisor (Mrs. Christopher) who has become such an important person in my life. She is a role model to me. She’s a great person to look up to and I love being able to help her.”