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I know some people say they cant live without meat in they’re diet but some people become vegetarians after realizing the devastation that the meat industry is having on the environment. The widespread adoption of vegetarian and vegan diets could save millions of lives and trillion of dollars. Cornell study found that producing animal-based protein requires eight times more fossil-fuel energy than creating plant-based protein.Changing your diet could save $1 trillion annually by preventing health care costs and lost productivity.Another thing is that animal waste runoff from factory farms are responsible for more than 173,000 miles of polluted rivers and streams. 

Runoff from farmlands are one of the greatest threats to water quality today. Agricultural activities that cause pollution include confined animal facilities, plowing, pesticide spraying, irrigation, fertilizing and harvesting. About 70 percent of all grain produced in the U.S. is fed to animals that are raised for slaughter. The 7 billion livestock animals in the US consume five times as much grain as is consumed directly by the American population. If all the grain currently fed to livestock were consumed directly by people, the number of people who could be fed would be nearly 800 million.

If the grain were exported, it would boost the US trade balance by $80 billion a year. If everyone were to go vegan then farmers would stop breeding animals but the ones that were already there would be abandoned, slaughtered, or even sent to multiple sanctuaries. Maybe cutting out just a little bit of meat from your diet could really have an impact on the world.

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Champions League News Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:47:56 +0000 These past two weeks have been great for soccer fans, with the knockout stage of the Uefa Champions league commencing. There have been games with shocks but there have also been games where the likely winner has prevailed. The knockout stage is so crucial for teams because some teams can do well in the group stages but once the knockout stage begins they might lose their way and play a kind of soccer that is not usually expected by them.

To go over the results, Bayern Munich beat Chelsea three to zero and it is looking very unlikely that
they will make a comeback. Barcelona tied Napoli and although Barca is seen as a great team in Europe there is no question that since the departure of Pep Guardiola they have not been the same and that has been showing in their recent fixtures. But one of the best games was the Paris saint Germain game against Borrusia Dortmund and that game ended with a scoreline of two to one with Erling Brad Haland continuing to show his immense talent on the biggest stage. Manchester City fought out the win alongside Leipzig and Atlanta and one of the most underrated teams Lyon.

This year’s champions league can honestly go any which way it depends on what teams catch fire at the right team and play as a cohesive unit. Winning the champions league is a dream of most soccer players and that is when they go out and play on Tuesday or Wednesday nights of the Champions they give it all they have because that is there dream.

Getty Images
PARIS, FRANCE – NOVEMBER 22: illustration of UEFA Champions League flag before the UEFA Champions League group B match between Paris Saint-Germain and Celtic Glasgow at Parc des Princes on November 22, 2017 in Paris, France. (Photo by Xavier Laine/Getty Images)

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Trojan Boys Volleyball Preview Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:42:26 +0000 Spring sports are in full spring here at CASHS, and one team to look out for is the boy’s volleyball team. With many returning players from a year ago, the team looks to advance past districts and into the state championship this year. With all of this added pressure to perform at a high level, the team will have to come together as one to achieve their goals.


When asked about the team’s goals for this upcoming season, senior Alex Lapinski said, “Our goal is to be a top seed in our district so we can play a district game at home.” To get a home game for districts, the Trojans will have to place in the top 8 teams in 3A, with the top two seeds getting a bye. Although it will be challenging to achieve a top 8 finish, there is a lot to build on from last season’s 9th place finish. “Another goal of ours is to finish in a high enough spot to qualify for states”, said Lapinski. Although that would require a top 5 finish in the district championship, this team is more than capable of achieving it.


With the high stakes of being able to host a district game at CASHS and qualify for the state tournament, practice is the most important key for the team to achieve their goals. “We can all improve on the floor by practicing out hardest and preparing for each opponent”, said Alex. With preparation and practice, it is very possible that the Chambersburg Trojan Boys Volleyball team will be able to host a district game and go on to states, their top goals for this season. 

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Tension In Barcelona Thu, 20 Feb 2020 16:39:17 +0000 In recent years Fc Barcelona (Spanish soccer club) have been one of the most winning teams in Europe. Their success has extended from the domestic championship all the way to becoming champions of all of Europe.  They are not a team who has recently started becoming a winning team as they have a long history of championships and success behind them.   Barcelona, also known as Barca, have a total of 74 trophies. Some of the most prestigious ones include the 26 la Liga trophies, 13 Spanish super cup, 5 champions league and, 3 Fifa club world cup. In recent years they continue to have good sensations all the team directives have been criticized on various different occasions. There have been many reasons for why they’ve been so harshly criticized as of recent, examples of this include, Bad transfer, and wrong team management.


Barcelona has been severely criticized over recent years for a number of reasons. But one of the major reasons for this is because of bad investments in the market. Barcelona is known for producing some of the best players to ever play the sport of soccer. Their youth academy is recognized around the world as one of the best . They have produced legends such as Xavi, Puyol,  Inesta , Busquets and to many the best player in the world Lionel Messi.  Although the world of soccer hasn’t seen a generation like this since, Barcelona’s youth academy also known as la Massia are still helping young talents develop into world class players like the case of Ansu Fati whose only 17 and has an incredible potential.  Besides Ansu Fati in recent years the production of world class players from la masia has slowed down forcing Barcelona to have to spend money to bring in players who don’t always fit into Barcelona’s complex and very specific style of play.  Barca has not only made bad purchases like Philippe Coutinho who was loaned to another team after only one season due to poor performances, but has also sold players who were very crucial to the team’s success. Like the case of Neymar Jr who is currently considered as the third best player in the world by many. After buying him from Santos fc Brazilian soccer team they put a 200 million dollar release clause that seemed low as it was accessible for most rich European teams to pay off.  As expected a couple of seasons after Neymar’s purchase PSG an economic powerhouse in soccer was able to pay off the release clause and agreed terms with Brazilian soccer player Neymar to join their team in 2017,. Barcelona have also released or sold other players for a very low price to other teams who also played key roles in the team’s success. Like the in the case of Dani Alves in his time who was at the moment the best right back in the world and left the team on a free move to Italian club Juventus. Barca has been very bad at making business through the last decade and it’s been highly criticized.



Pep Guardiola is responsible for what many believe was one of the most dominating teams in Europe. His influence on the team’s ball possession and style of play was major, and contributed to team success. Successes in the form of trophies like for example 3 la ligas, 2 champion’s leagues and many others. He prioritized the ability to keep the ball and the team always had a superiority of ball position over its opponents.   Reporters would question pep on his game plan before the game and he would simply reply ‘ball possession, if we have the ball the other team can’t score and we create chances’.  As of recently barca have lost what many call the barca DNA which is the ability to dominate ball possession which allows the team to create chances and stops the opponent from having those same chances. As of recently coaches have come and gone after Guardiola announced that he would be moving to a different club for a new experience.  Since then barca have lost what once was believed to be the a beautiful style of play and although the have been as effective many fans don’t agree with the new philosophies new coaches bring to the team.                

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Goodbye Writers Workshop Tue, 18 Feb 2020 21:49:06 +0000 Writers workshop is a perfect club for those students who have a passion for writing and english in general. It is a great and positive place for writers to come together create pieces, share prices and give each other some much needed advice and constructive criticism. It’s the perfect environment for young writers to bond with other students who share the same interests as them and make friends while also learning more about literature and how to improve their writing. Unfortunately for these young writers they will no longer have a place to meet next year or anyone to manage the club. Due to this the club will no longer exist next year. 


What happened ?


The club used to be a fun and joyful place where everyone with a passion for literature could meet and do something they love with other students that share their same love for literature. Mrs. Rose Brooks the previous english teacher made sure that this club was up and running in the past and she made sure that everyone felt welcome and achieved their best potential but sadly as Mrs. Rose Brooks left the club and was pushed onto the shoulders of the seniors in the club including me and others. But as we all know when we graduate the responsibility of the club with falling into the hands of Mrs. Rose Brooks replacement. 


So why no more club ?


Something that us as students will never be able to understand is the pressure of being a teacher, some of us may never know how hard it is. But because of this stress the new teacher does not feel as if she can take on the task of running the club and has said already that she is sure that there will be no more writers workshop next year unless someone else where to take it over or of course she were to have a change of heart. Although we understand that it is a lot of work to run classes all day and a club we are still saddened by the soon to end writers workshop that us writers have learned to love. 

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No More Perks to being 18 Tue, 18 Feb 2020 18:51:12 +0000 Eighteen, the age where you are too old to be considered a kid but too young to be treated as an adult.  There are not too many perks to being eighteen anymore other than the fact that you can now get tattoos and piercings… oh yeah and we can get married, but let’s be honest none of us are ready for marriage. We can also enlist/ fight for our county, in other words the government trusts us to fight and put our lives on the line but not to drink or smoke… sounds a bit unfair. 


Turning an adult at eighteen can be a big transition and added stress. Most go from living with mom and dad and going to high school to later that year going to college, or some form of getting a further education or getting a more serious job. Of course with this major change comes a lot more responsibilities which can be scary for a lot of teens. For example starting college and paying for it along with stressing about how you are going to pay for it; if you are going to live on campus, off campus, or with your parents; how much your other expenses are going to cost; the amount of debt you will have after school; and If you can pay this all off. Eighteen means a lot more freedom but with freedom comes consequences such as being able to go to jail and having to find your way and find out how to do things for yourself. For some this feels like you are being thrown into adulthood without and experience or knowledge from your years of schooling. 


Being eighteen can be a really scary thing and can feel extremely stressful for most you get a lot more responsibility without any real respect or trust. It can feel like they expect us to fend for ourselves but without showing us how too. So if you were to ask me and a lot of other seniors what the perks of to being eighteen was we would probably say there are none anymore. 

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Into the Woods We Go! Wed, 12 Feb 2020 18:40:44 +0000 Written by James Lapine, “Into The Woods” is a riveting play that takes the characters, followed by their character archetypes, from all of your favorite fairy tales and intertwines their storylines so that each character is connected. Not only does this play have acting, it also has many musical pieces, composed by Stephen Sondheim, that bring liveliness to the performance. The show starts by introducing some of the different fairy tales that are in the musical. Then it goes on to explain why each of them is going into the woods. Following that, it introduces the baker and his wife, who are struggling to get pregnant. A witch then comes and explains that she has cursed their family so that they won’t be able to have children. The witch tells the couple that she will reverse the curse if they get her the ingredients for her potion. The rest of the musical is about their journey to get those things and what follows once they do. To get the perspective from the cast members on what it’s like to play these very popular fairy tale characters, we sat down with two seniors by the names of Sydney Wenger and Katie Truman.


To start us off, we got together with one of our seniors, here at CASHS, Sydney Wenger. If you don’t happen to know already, Sydney is heavily involved in our school’s music department. Whether it be our drama club, or our musical theory classes, or even our very own marching band. Her passion for music is constantly applied to her performances and efforts. To begin the interview, she explained her thoughts going into the play, “The past three years I have only been ensemble, so I was anxious as well as excited because this was my last shot at a good role.



I worked really hard on the audition, so I was confident in myself, but I still had nerves because it was still an audition.” She further went into what it felt like to finally find out that she will be playing the role of Cinderella, “I got a really good role, so I was extremely excited when I saw the cast list. I have been wanting this role ever since he announced the show we were doing.” 


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Helicopter Crash Leaves Many Behind Mon, 10 Feb 2020 18:26:12 +0000 On January 26th, 2020 in Calabasas, CA took place a major disaster that left many heartbroken. Los Angeles Lakers five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash early Sunday morning. Kobe Bryant was among the nine other people that were on the helicopter, Including his middle child Gianna Bryant. John Altobelli, was killed along with his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa. Other victims include: Christina Mauser, Sarah Chester, Payton Chester, Ara Zobayan. 

    It was early Sunday morning when the families all left church to fly over and catch their basketball game at Mamba Academy in which Kobe was a coach for that game.

According to CNN, the helicopter that attained Kobe and Gianna Bryant and the seven others received special permission to fly despite the dangerous fog conditions. CNN, who reported, “At one point, an air traffic controller informed the pilot, “You’re still too low for flight following at this time,” meaning the chopper wasn’t flying high enough to register on radar. By then the helicopter crashed into a mountain at a low altitude that resulted in no survivors.


This tragedy left many people heartbroken,confused,and in shock. Especially the lost of his middle child who had one bright future in front of her for basketball and more. Kobe was a family guy there was nothing more important than his family, but Kobe’s legacy and what he did will live on forever. Kobe during his life has made a mentality that will also live on forever called ‘ Mamba Mentality’ which simply means that you’re trying to get better at whatever you’re doing everyday. Kobe has left many memories behind such as Fourth-leading scorer in NBA history (33,643 points), Five-time NBA champion, twice named Finals MVP 18-time All-Star, 11-time All-NBA First Team, Nine-time NBA All-Defensive First Team, Two-time Olympic gold medalist Youngest player in NBA history at the time of his debut in 1996, all within his 20 season on the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe impacted the community with people’s favorite phrase of yelling out KOBE when they shoot something in the trash like it’s a basketball. Also in most communities will no longer play the quick pick up game called 21, it shall now be called 24 in the respect of Kobe. 

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Tesla Oppurtunities Fri, 07 Feb 2020 18:48:28 +0000 Tesla is responsible for some of the most advanced cars made with a variety of unique developments. As of recently Elon Musk announced the want for more A.I. developers to work under him and help make more advancements. The A.I. is some of the most revolutionary developments for a car as it includes the feature Tesla Autopilot. What this feature does is essentially drive the car for the person allowing them to just sit. Along with the ability to manage so many of the car s functions directly from the panel. Overall, the A.I. is a staple of the car all together which is why asking for more developers is such an opportunity for many.

What made the announcement stand out more was how Elon Musk stated he had no interest in degrees. Not only does this open up the opportunity to many people who either couldn’t get a degree but also people who don’t have a degree in that field. Many people don’t end up getting college degrees due to personal or financial issues that stand in a way. As a result, the announcement that Elon Musk was not looking for any specific degree broadened who was available for employment by a wide margin. On the other hand, there can also be people who majored in something they lost passion for and now have the chance to immerse themselves into A.I. development without paying for more years of education.

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Drama in Barcelona Fri, 07 Feb 2020 18:47:31 +0000 In Barcelona, the club is in real turmoil they recently sacked Ernesto Valverde and they recently hired Quique Setié as a replacement. But in recent news, there has been trouble with their star Lionel Messi who has been arguing with Eric Abidal. They were arguing about how Valverde was sacked, and Messi who was always by the coaches’ side defended him.
Now the news is speculating that Messi will make a move out of Barcelona because with the recent struggles with the club and their recent seasons he might make a big-money move to Manchester City. Barcelona hasn’t won a champions league trophy in five years, and with the comeback that Liverpool made last year with Trent Alexander Arnold’s corner kick, the club has a lot of pressure riding on them.
Manchester City is a favorite to get the six-time ballon dor winner because of how much money the club has. City has won the premier league the last couple of seasons but with Liverpool being unbeaten and seeming like they won’t lose a game it might be time to bring in some firepower. That is where Messi comes in because even though Messi is thirty-three years old there is no doubt that he is if not the best player in the world then he is definitely up there.

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